About GreetBox

What GreetBox is all about.

Founded in 2020

After spending months in quarantine Michael and Luke founded GreetBox to bring simplicity, safetly, and add joy to people's lifes.

Green First

GreetBox isn't just about adding joy, it's also about doing what is right for the earth we all share. A tree is planted for each and every GreetBox created.

Fast and Innovative

We designed GreetBox to be fast, innovative, and allow you to colloborate with people around the globe in seconds to making virtual greeting cards a breeze!
Michael and Luke

After spending a majority of our time locked away in 2020. Michael and Luke (his brother) started creating GreetBox. The idea sprung from Michael listening to his wife who is a teacher about how the other teachers in her department celebrated each other. They were (before the pandemic) passing paper greeting cards back and forth, and collecting cash, physically or via Venmo / Cash App, then sending the “pot“ to the recipient. Then, preparing everything to be given to somebody for their birthday, retirement, etc.

Michael has spend many years developing software products for other industries and wanted to work on a more simple app that could enrich people's lifes. He also wanted to do something meaningful with his brother, Luke. Who has shown a great interest in building software.

The heart of GreetBox is simplicity and doing what is right for our environment. Each and every day, the team is hard at work with Michael and Luke to add new cutting edge features that change the way people celebrate life events in the digital age.

Get started in seconds with GreetBox and send a group-based greeting card to the world in a single-click. Add joy to someone's life today.

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