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Say goodbye to awkward, in office collection and create a digital greeting card signed by everyone whether working from the office or at home!

Get started in 30 seconds! Don’t pay till you’re ready to-go!

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🚀 Easily Collect messages from co-workers working in our out of the office (No account required)

🎁 Create messages with GIFs, photos, and videos  to share your gratitude

❤️ Celebrate at the office with a group card containing everyones messages, stories and moments.

Simple Pricing


$4.99/ GreetBox

Spread Some Love and Appreacition For Any Occasion

  • Unlimited messages (always) & scheduled send

  • Add texts, emojis, GIFs, photos, and confetti effects

  • Access Premium Themes (100s)

  • Change background color for messages

  • Comment and react with each other's posts

  • Gift card contributions

  • Custom fonts

  • Custom file uploads and audio & video recording

Hear From Our Fans

Alaina G.

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Greetbox is a very unique idea. I love it because you are able come together and make a person feel special. This is a great idea and I can’t wait to use it again!

Our customers love Greetbox! With 4.75 / 5 average ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Show someone just how loved they are!

Try it today, and create a card in less than 30 seconds! No payment required until you send it.

Without Greetbox

With Greetbox

Difficult to pass physical card around to everyone balancing in and out of office co-workers

Easily collaborate online with your entire team (no accounts required)

Card can get damaged, lost, or misplaced

Digital card can be saved forever

Limited ability to add everyone's creative spin on the card

Add fonts, colors, photos, videos, and more to make your message unique

Need to hand or mail card to recipient

Share your GreetBox instantly via link or email

Difficult to collect cash from everyone, or have a single person Venmo / Paypal everything for the recipient

Easily collect cash from each person and store with GreetBox until the card is sent

Physical cards production produces CO2 and produces X tons of waste per year

GreetBox is all digital and even plants a tree for each card sold to offset the traditional greeting card industry

Try it today, and create a card in less than 30 seconds! No payment required until you send it.

Frequently Asked Question's (FAQs)

What is a GreetBox, and how does it work?

GreetBox is an online group-based virtual e-card that allows coworkers, friends, and families all collaborate on a GreetBox to celebrate somebody. It replaces the antiquated paper-based greeting cards people pass around today and sign / collect physical cash. When you start a new GreetBox you can add joy to somebodies life in a wonderful digital way. You can add messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and more! You can even invite others to join (no account required).

What can I use GreetBox for?

Although their are an unlimited number of choices, it’s common to see people use GreetBox for birthdays (for all ages), employee / workflow / office farewells, anniversaries, weddings, baby congratulations, Father’s Day Mother’s Day, and well, just about any other celebration you can think of. The point is to add “Joy to Someone’s Life”.

What does the person / people I am sending the GreetBox see?

When you send a GreetBox out, it becomes published. As a published GreetBox the recipient will not see any of the edit options; Changing titles, inviting collaborators, etc. They will only see a all the messages, GIFs, audio, photo, and video files the group has added, except for a "Reply to Group" and "Download" buttons.

How do I save my GreetBox once I receive it?

When you get the email from GreetBox to go check out your awesome GreetBox your friends, family, or coworkers put together you will see a "Download" button. This will allow you to download a JPEG/JPG or PNG image of your GreetBox.

If I don't have an account, how can I edit the message I added to a GreetBox?

Once you add a message we save that record in your local browser history. You will be able to edit your message on the same browser & device you wrote your message on as long as you didn't clear your browsers local storage and cache. However, we recommend you create an account to keep track of all the GreetBox's you've received, created, or were a collaborator on.

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